November 2023 visa bulletin predictions Date. . Previously, all H-2A, CNMI-related Form I-129 petitions and Form I-129CW petitions, were filed at the CSC, and H-2B-related. Bureau of Consular Affairs VISA BULLETIN Number 80 Volume X Washington, D. S. U. Oct 9, 2023. The Department of State has post. . . . All other countries will remain current in December. EB-1 China and EB-1 India will remain current next month. In FY 2023, the volume of duplicate applications within the Final Action Dates established in the Visa Bulletin is very low and has had no significant impact on the analysis. B. About. For the month of December 2023, the U. Visa Bulletins: January 2024 Visa Bulletin February 2024 Visa Bulletin March 2024 Visa Bulletin April 2024 Visa Bulletin May 2024 Visa Bulletin. As soon as it becomes. (NACARA) passed by Congress in November 1997, as amended by Section 1(e) of Pub. . . Dates for November 2023. Green Card Priority Date Movement: Please select Preference: F1 F2A F2B F3 F4 EB1 EB2 EB3 EB4 EB5 Rest Of World China India Mexico Philippines. Immigration. . . Third: (F3) Married Sons and Daughters of U. The March 2023 Visa Bulletin has been released, which unfortunately brings another month of disappointment. For visa bulletin charts, you can either (a) view each year separately or (b) you can view multiple years back to back. If your priority date is August 2023, do not realistically expect to change employer before July 2025 '18 ms retrogression plus 6 months waiting for portability'. Please select Preference: F1 F2A F2B F3 F4 EB1 EB2 EB3 EB4 EB5 Rest Of World China India Mexico Philippines. The October 2023 Visa Bulletin has finally been released, marking the first official visa bulletin of the 2024 fiscal year. China: EB-1 stalls at February. . September 27, 2023. This is the first visa bulletin for fiscal year 2023. . For Fiscal Year 2022 this reduction. All other countries will advance by 1 week to July 15, 2022. Latest Visa Bulletin; EB2 India: Fiscal Year 2014 Movement; EB2 India, ROW, China: Future Visa Bulletin Movement; FB Category FAQ For I-130/I-485; F2A Category: Fiscal Year 2014 Movement; FAQ - National Visa Center / Consular Processing Steps; EB3 Category: Future Visa Bulletin Movement; Updated: Meeting Notes From Charles Oppenheim; Latest. For Fiscal Year 2023 this reduction will be limited to approximately 150. Do submit your comments on the video as I would love to read them. . Your priority date should be before this date. The Department of State releases the visa bulletin on a monthly basis, which summarizes the availability of immigrant visa numbers for that particular month in the employment and family preference categories. S. . You can file your i485 application for a green card if your GC priority date is older than these dates for your country of birth. . Add a Comment. Do you guys have any predictions what will happen in October? Since we will retrogress even further in June how many months will we advance in October? I sure hope we don't go back to June 2020 and that's it! 1. The bulletins offer insights into visa availability and priority date movements, which are important for applicants and their legal representatives in strategizing their immigration journey. Shown below are the visa bulletin cutoff dates for the last 12 months from today. .
. . DV visa availability through the very end of FY-2023 cannot be taken for granted. . Number 41 Volume X Washington, D. On Oct. US Department of State Releases December 2023 Visa Bulletin. S. . . hi All, I know it might be a bit early but wanted to see if any one has an understanding/estimate of what the dates might look like from EB2 and Eb3 in Oct 2. The Department of State has just issued the November 2023 Visa Bulletin, which is the second of the 2024 US fiscal year This blog post analyzes this month's Visa Bulletin. . . EB-2 ROW Visa bulletin prediction for December 2023. November 2023 Visa Bulletin Predictions | USCIS Visa Allocation Update"Video Description:Welcome back to US Immigration News Alerts, your trusted source for. After the 60-day grace period, on and after Jan. . . . Gov > Legal Resources > U. . US Immigration. . January 2024 Visa Bulletin Predictions. However, it can be as late as the 15th, or even later occasionally. DV visas may not be issued to DV-2023 applicants after that date. EB-3: China advances three and a half months to September 15, 2018, while India moves forward by nine months to November 1, 2011. . . Department of State, plays a pivotal role in the immigration process. Details: Visa Bulletin for September 2023, Dept. . 5860, signed on September 30, 2023, the non. . STATUTORY NUMBERS This bulletin summarizes the availability of immigrant numbers during July for: "Final.

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